Club Audits

To facilitate the Interschool Governing Board’s mission in allocating funds and resources to all eligible student groups, we must periodically audit clubs to ensure that all guidelines and rules are being followed. These audits can happen at any time, and a student group’s space allocation, membership privileges, and/or recognition may be terminated immediately by the IGB if that group:

  • As its main purpose actively engages in:
    1) lobbying for legislation pending in any governmental body or
    2) campaigning of any person running for public office;
  • Has any outstanding financial obligation to IGB or other University body, unless a plan is agreed and adhered to for settlement of the obligation;
  • Engages in, sponsors, or threatens physical violence or destruction of property;
  • Knowingly covers or obscures the activities or objectives of another group or persons for the use of the University’s name or facilities;
  • Intentionally misleads or misrepresents its intentions to IGB;
  • Has been inactive and/or dormant for 1 academic semester;
  • Fails to fulfill the IGB's membership requirements.