Additional Funding Opportunities

In addition to our groups’ annual allocations, there are many additional sources of funds available for recognized student groups at Columbia. The sources below represent an incomplete list of available options for groups seeking additional funds.

Your own student councils may offer funding for programming. Please contact your council representative for more information on these opportunities.

The Gatsby Charitable Fund supports student-led arts-related programming at Columbia. The guiding spirit of the Fund is to inspire the creation of new student artwork and student arts endeavors.

Applications for the Gatsby Fund must be submitted three weeks before the date of the event.

The President’s and Provost’s Student Event Fund is available to all recognized Columbia University Student Groups. The Fund provides financial support to events which benefit the University community through collaboration and creative programming on campus.


The initiative must occur during the eligibility period.
The initiative should be organized and hosted by a recognized Student Group(s) in good standing with the university.
The initiative should be held on campus (Morningside or Medical Center).
The initiative should be advertised and open to the University community.
The initiative may be artistic, cultural, educational, or social.
Funds awarded may only be applied to event as described on application.
For more info, visit or email [email protected].

Consult with other student organizations recognized by the University to find groups that may be interested in organizing and co-sponsoring an event with you. For a list of organizations and websites, you can go to the website of each governing board or visit the Current IGB Student Groups section of our website.

Student groups may seek appropriate sponsorship, advertising revenue, or the donation of products to help finance events and activities.

Capital Investment Fund (CIF)
The Capital Investment Fund was created to address the needs of Columbia University student groups who have difficulties securing funding for large-scale overhauls of equipment or supplies. Student groups are encouraged to apply if they feel they that CIF may fit their needs.

The JCCC is a fund that is specifically meant for new programming or new events on campus that a group has not put on before. It is also meant for emergency funding in case a group incurs a cost that was unforeseen and therefore needs serious help. Before applying to the JCCC, contact IGB at [email protected], as they will have to endorse your application!

IGB Co-Sponsorship

The IGB Co-Sponsorship is a fund set up by IGB to provide additional funding to inter-school student clubs in Columbia, recognized either by IGB or other Columbia boards. This Co-Sponsorship is geared toward providing additional funding that will go toward truly enhancing our groups' programming and inter-school culture. In this vein, groups should apply to the IGB Co-Sponsorship for events they have previously put on but wish to expand and improve. Decisions on applications are made case by case. If you are interested in applying for IGB co-sponsorship, please send an email to [email protected] with the event proposal and the statement of why IGB should co-sponsor it. Usually no more than $250 is provided for a single event.