IGB Delegates and Executive Board

IGB Delegates and Affiliates

Last updated October 20, 2019.

  • The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

    Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, 5th

    I am from China and I am involved in many Chinese cultural events and diversity building activities on campus.

  • MS in Construction Engineering and Management 2019

    Working as Department Representative of Civil Engineering and Mechanics Department. I have 7 years experience in the construction industry.

  • School of Nursing

    Ph.D. in Nursing: Cardio-Oncology and Informatics, 2nd Year

    I have served in many leadership capacities including serving as the School of Nursing Senator, Peer Mentor, Admissions Ambassador and IGB Delegate.

  • M.S. Neuroscience, Teachers College 

    I’m a California girl who made her way to NY from Dallas! Find me on campus singing with Spark Notes or doing research in the NEED Lab. 

  • Columbia Law School, 1L

    Roger Antonio Tejada is a native of Passaic, New Jersey where he grew up and returned to teach after graduating from college. At Columbia Law School, he is a Public Interest/Public Service Fellow and Human Rights Advocate. He is also part of the Student Senate, Latinx Law Student's Association's Moot Court, Black Law Student's Association, and on the Executive Board of First Generation Professionals. 

  • Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science (Graduate)

    MS in Management Science and Engineering

    I'm from Kerala, India and I'm super excited to meet new people and learn a lot from the IGB experience.


  • School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (Undergraduate)

    Operations Research

    I am studying Operations Research, Computer Science, and Entrepreneurship. On campus, I am involved in the Alpine Ski Team, SWE, CORE and CUFE.


  • School of Professional Studies 

    MS in Strategic Communications, 2nd year

    I was born and brought up in New Delhi, India. In addition to my responsibilities as the Co-Communications Chair at IGB, I am mostly involved with attending data camps as well as any communication-based workshops on campus. 


  • Columbia College, 2022, History

    I am Haitian-American and I grew up in Miami Florida. I am excited to continue to advocating for inclusive policies such as LGBTQIA+ healthcare improvement and expanding spaces for the diverse student body. 


  • School for International and Public Affairs and Columbia Business School, graduating in 2020.

    Katie grew up in Spring, Texas and moved to New York City after graduating from The University of Texas at Austin. As a dual-degree student, she has taken advantage of the wide variety of club programming in both of her programs from the Arts Society to the Management Consulting Association and SIPA Follies to the Conflict Resolution Working Group. 


  • Columbia College, 2020, History

    I was born in Mexico City but grew up in both Guanajuato and Monterrey, Mexico. I currently serve as both the Co-Chair for the Student Organization of Latinxs and the VP of Campus Life for the Columbia College Student Council.

  • School of General Studies (Undergraduate)

    Economics and Political Science, Class of 2021

    I am originally from Southern California and am actively involved in student governance at Columbia and service work on campus and in the local community. 


  • I am Ingrid, a junior at Barnard majoring in Economics and Math. I am originally from Beijing and went to high school and first year of college in Oklahoma. On campus, I am involved with Columbia Smart Woman Securities and American Enterprise Institute Executive Council. I am interested in the financial services industry and foreign affairs.

  • I'm in my second year of a master's program in the Philosophy Department (GSAS).

    I'm originally from Illinois. I graduated from Dartmouth College in 2007 with a B.A. in Government. Afterwards, I joined the Peace Corps where I was a rural health volunteer in El Salvador between 2008-2009. Then I joined the Army. I'm an active duty Army Officer and I'm in my second year of the M.A. program in Philosophy. Upon completion of my program, I will be a military instructor in the Department of English and Philosophy at West Point.  


  • School of Nursing, Masters Direct Entry program, class of 2020

    I am from South Jersey but have been living in NYC for the past 8 years. I also serve as a representative on the MDE Student Advisory Committee.


    School of General Studies (Undergraduate)

    Financial Economics, Junior/Senior

    I am a GS student from El Salvador. I joined IGB because I wanted to have the opportunity to get involved while serving our vast Columbia Community. My goal at IGB is to make sure that every single student, who is an active member of a club at Columbia, is accounted for when allocating funds for events. The more information we have, the better decisions we make. I am currently also serving the General Studies Student Council (GSSC) as Chief of Finance.

  • Columbia College

    Comparative Literature & Computer Science, Junior

    Born in Shanghai, now living in New York, I am also an editor of Columbia’s Journal of Literary Criticism.

  • CBS 2021, Master of Business Administration. Also SIPA 2021, Master of International Affairs (only elected to IGB rep through SIPA).

    Born in California, raised in New Jersey. I co-founded the Dual Degree Club at CBS.

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