Co-Sponsorship Opportunities

The Interschool Governing Board (IGB) has set aside funding for potential co-sponsorship opportunities with official Columbia University student groups that are not recognized by the IGB.

  • The opportunity should attract a significant number of students outside your own student group.
  • These opportunity is meant to be interschool and potentially intercampus in nature.
  • The opportunity should improve student life at Columbia.
  • The opportunity should be reasonable, i.e. there should be a high probability of it being successful. (Does the application demonstrate appropriate planning? Has the group run a similar event previously?)
  • The expenses should be reasonable. (Are the estimated amounts provided in the budget reasonable for the expense items listed?)
  • The funding should be used for necessary/important aspects of events (i.e. venue fees, necessary supplies, etc. will be given preference over unnecessary food for events)
  • The opportunity MUST mention the Interschool Governing Board (IGB) in any program notes or promotions.
  • Note: The details you provide in the application will be used to evaluate the application based upon the above criteria, so please provide as much detail as possible with respect to these aspects.

To apply for a co-sponsorship, please fill out the following Co-Sponsorship Form. Please fill out the form carefully and read all instructions!